4th Kup

Joon Gun Tul

Joon Gun is named after the patriot An Joon Gun who assassinated Hiro Bumi Ito, the first Japanese Governor General of Korea. The 32 moves refer to Mr An's age when he was executed in Lui Shung prison in 1910.

Joon Gun consists of 32 movements

In Depth Knowledge

Hiro Bumi Ito, Japanese statesman. Born to a Samurai's adopted son. Ito received Samurai in 1863 and was sent to England to study. He rose quickly through Japanese government departments including Junior Councillor in charge of foreign affairs, Home Minister and after extensive study in Europe, became prime minister of the first cabinet government in 1885. In 1903, he began annexation of Korea, becoming first resident Governer General there in 1906 and in 1907 forcing the Korean sovereigns abdication. He resigned in 1909, but was assassinated at Harbin Railway Station in Manchuria by Korean nationalist, An Joon Gun.