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All you need to know about your patterns and more

What is a pattern?

A pattern is a set of fundamental moves designed to symbolise attack and defence against one or more imaginary opponents, set in a logical sequence.

Why do we perform patterns?

We learn patterns to learn sparring techniques, stances, correct facing, improve facing, body shifting, breath control, muscle toning, learning to tense and relax muscles at the correct time and practice other techniques that are not possible in other areas of training.

Why do we learn the meanings of patterns?

Pattern meanings are derived from people and events in Korean history and show one or more of the tenets to give us inspiration.

Why are there 24 patterns?

There are 24 patterns in Tae Kwon-Do because the founder, Major General Choi Hong Hi, compared the life of a man with a day in the life of the earth.

"Here I leave tae Kwon-Do for mankind. As a trace of a man in the late 20th century. The 24 patterns, one day or all of my life".

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